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Prevent A Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergency

Thanksgiving preparations

Thanksgiving is that glorious holiday in which we stuff ourselves silly. Perhaps we start with some crackers and cheese, then progress to Swedish meatballs while the turkey finishes up. We load our plates with the main event and all the fixin's. Eventually, we get to dessert as we watch the game or relax on the couch before clean-up.

One thing that we shouldn't stuff? The garbage disposal. In your Hebron CT home full of guests, you don't really need to add a plumber, do you?


Be good to your garbage disposal

Potato peels, turkey bones and carrot peels should NOT be stuffed into your garbage disposal. They can clog up the disposal and cause your sink to back up. They can also burn out the disposal's motor. Not only will you wind up with MORE of a mess in your kitchen, but an unexpected emergency plumbing bill as well. Instead, throw all food scraps in the trash. Even better, compost them or donate to a local farmer!


More tips to avoid a plumbing emergency

There are a few more ways you can prevent a plumbing emergency. You could also avoid embarrassing one of your guests!
  • Clogged toilet - Keep a plunger in plain sight. Do NOT provide 'flushable' wipes - they do NOT break down, no matter what the packaging says.
  • Water leak - If the water heater springs a leak, don't let it spoil the party OR flood your basement. Locate the water shut-off valve and use it to prevent water damage.
  • Clogged sink - Put away any decorations that might accidentally get knocked into the sink.
  • Not enough hot water - Overnight guests staying with your family? Don't run out of hot water. Try lowering the temperature on your water heater by 20 degrees. That will stretch out the supply of hot water so more can be done in the same amount of time.
  • DIY - Don't pick Thanksgiving as the time to try and do-it-yourself. It's the busiest holiday for plumbers. We may not be able to get you out of a pickle as quickly as we would on a "normal" day.

Your local Hebron CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC offers emergency plumbing repair to Hebron CT homeowners and the neighboring towns. A local, licensed plumber will quickly troubleshoot the problem and complete a professional repair. He will clean up the work area after, and let you get right back to your Thanksgiving festivities. Call 860-228-1036 and speak to a person who will get the ball rolling for you.

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    S. Bombria

    Thank you!!! Rapid Service did a wonderful job transforming 1920s bathrooms in our house. We cannot say enough about the quality and attention to detail of each of these projects.

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    I had to call my handyman husband Rapid Service yet again! Andy and his crew are the most professional and down to earth people you will ever meet. My husband and I had a house built seven years ago and have had various issues with water, electrical and heating...

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    I had Rapid Service come to my home because there was a saddle valve under my kitchen sink that was about to make a huge mess. I wasn't able to use my filtered water faucet until the repair was made. The technician fixed it AND had a great attitude while he worked. That is a rare thing lately...

    Kevin S.
  • Great work on replacing my well water tank, Andy. You have been giving us highly competent, clean, and courteous service for the past 28 years. You're the best!"

    Gerald Baril

    My wife and I want you to know that we were very satisfied with our bathroom remodeling that Andy performed professionally, carefully and efficiently. The end result is a bathroom that is properly updated, functions perfectly and looks very attractive...

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